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What To Know About Stone

When choosing new stone for your countertops it's important to factor in how you'll be using your new tops. Are you looking for a rough and tumble top that can handle almost anything? Or something a little more refined although more high maintenance. Here's a guide to help you determine your countertops needs.

Caring For Your Stone Countertops

Congratulations, your new countertops look what?

Properly caring for and maintaining your tops is vitally important to their longevity.

Cleaning Your Countertops

Properly cleaning your stone countertops is also an important component to maintaining the integrity and luster of the stone. Most stones don't require anything fancy, generally a 1 to 4 mixture of mild dish-soap and water is best. Below you'll find a stone by stone guide for cleaning and stain removing techniques.

Countertop Edges
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