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Make a Statement with a Full Height Backsplash

One of the biggest trends in kitchens happening in 2023 is the use of a full-height backsplash.

Typically, there would be a 3-4" curb of countertop material used as a backsplash and then painted drywall up to the cabinets or the ceiling. But, in the past few years, the trend has been towards a full-height or ceiling-height backsplash.

Example of a 4" granite backsplash
Example of a 4" granite backsplash

What is a full-height backsplash?

Whether you're putting in stainless steel, tile, quartz, or granite, a full-height backsplash is where there is continuous material that extends from the counters to the base of the upper cabinets or all the way to the ceiling.

Using the same material as your countertops for a full-height backsplash can really make an impressive statement in a kitchen. Especially with heavily veined granite or quartz, the use of a ceiling-height backsplash can showcase the beautiful material that you have selected for your kitchen project.

Full-height quartz backsplash
Full-height quartz backsplash

What to consider with a full-height backsplash

When it comes to a project where a full-height quartz or granite backsplash may be used, there are a few important considerations

COST - The price of your project will undoubtedly increase with the inclusion of a full-height backsplash. With most quartz or stone countertops projects, the usual 4" backsplash can be included in the slabs being used for the counters, but a ceiling-height backsplash will require additional material.

MAINTENANCE - If you are using a natural stone, like granite, quartzite, or marble, then you will need to maintain the material in the same way as a countertop. This means cleaning with appropriate products and periodic sealing. Quartz backsplashes won't require the same amount of maintenance.

INSTALL TIME - Because a full-height backsplash needs to be templated in a similar manner to a countertop, the process can't start until your countertops are installed. This will result in additional trips from technicians to laser measure your room but also leads to an additional week or two before installation. While your kitchen or bath will still be usable at this time, it just means a longer wait until your project is finished.

Despite these considerations, a full-height stone backsplash is a great way to make a room feel bigger, add a statement with beautiful stone, and bring more life to your kitchen or bath projects.

If you want to learn more about a ceiling-height stone backsplash for your project, reach out to the Integrity Stone Design Team.

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